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The SmallHiveProject tree mount

The hive may be placed on conventional hive stands (e.g wooden design, concrete blocks, etc.). Individual hive stands are preferable to communal stands and should be separated as widely as possible to favor bee health. A special attention should be given to the horizontal position of the hive to keep frames easily movable.

As an alternative, the author of this website designed a tree mount (plans are below):

  1. The tree mount is attached to the tree by wrapping the sailing rope around the stem.
  2. The hive is coupled to the tree mount by the two bolts protruding on the hive front and fixed with two wing nuts.
  3. The hive is adjusted horizontally by the means of a studding.

Introducing the hive mount for trees.

The tree mount itself and necessary hive modifications are presented in the video below:

The tree mount allows for tree-based beekeeping at different heights, depending on which priority is being addressed. One can't go wrong by attaching the hive at chest-level (+/- 1.5 m). This position is perfect for easy and safe hive management without the need for additional equipment. However, a higher position of the hive would favor bees to live more in peaceful tranquillity while reducing the risk for you and others of getting stung. First attempts to install and manage the hive in greater height (+/- 3 m), by using a ladder equiped with a standoff, are encouraging (see the video below).

Plans of the tree mount and hive modifications



A 3D Model of the tree mount to illustrate the plans:

SmallHiveProject | 3D Hive Model
Figure: 3D tree mount model (animation on click, external link).

1. Construction of the tree mount:

(1) The horizontal bar:
Wooden slat is cut to 350mm length. Five holes (4 x 8mm + 1 x 3mm) are drilled according to the drawing.

(2) The bar spacer:
Wooden slat is cut to obtain two identical pieces of 45mm length. Both are screwed symmetrically on the 350mm-piece according to the drawing. Pre-drilling (3mm) avoids splitting of wood.

(3) The vertical bar:
Wooden slat is tapered at one end from 25mm thickness to 5mm thickness (see drawing). The slat is then adjusted to 210mm total length (60mm slat + 150mm taper). It is tightly attached to the narrow side of the 350mm long slat by means of a screw (length 100mm, diameter 5mm).

2. Hive Modification to make use of the tree mount:

(1) The mounting bolts:
Two holes (diameter 7mm) are drilled according to the drawing (hive front, klick to enlarge). From the interior of the hive, a bolt is screwed through each of both holes to protrude on the hive front.

(2) The frame holders:
Wooden slat is cut to obtain two identical pieces of 340mm length. Both are screwed under the hive floor as illustrated below.

(3) The facility for horizontal hive adjustment:
Wooden slat is cut to 80mm length. It is perforated in longitudinal direction by using a 8mm drill. A 300mm long studding (diameter 8mm) is sticked through the whole and a nut is screwed over.