How to start a hive report

Beekeeping experience with the small horizontal hive.
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How to start a hive report

Post by smallhiveproject » 22 Nov 2017, 10:03

Hive Reports is a message board administered by
It publishes hands-on experience in beekeeping with the here presented prototype hive.

To make your hive report, please follow these steps:
  1. Register to the message board, it is simple and fast.
  2. Create a NEW TOPIC, one for each hive you have built.
  3. Identify your hive in the subject line by the next higher number in respect to already existing hives (e.g. Hive 10, Hive 11 ...), indicate your country and your region in brackets (e.g. Hive 10 [France, Brittany]).
  4. Add content (make short descriptions, upload pictures, embed videos).
Please mention and explain all modifications you made in respect to the original hive design.
All languages are welcomed, but if you can, please post in English.
Don't post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you.